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Hello! Welcome to research!

Of research, a wise person once wrote that, one never completes a research project in isolation of others. This bright quote signifies that finding and correctly harnessing appropriate resources for research is what makes for a successful conclusion.

On this page, I will be adding links and short discussions for some of the resources that I think might be helpful to you in your adventures in your investigative work in science.

Welcome to a resources page for Bioinformatics research. Here you will find a list of links for data, tools, tutorials and related resources that may be very helpful to your work. Software Installations RStudio R Programming Language Python Programming Language Git for Mac Git for Windows Git for all platforms Python Programming Language Python for Biologists BioPython Python Programming Resources
How can I write better?! When completing any assignment in research or in your classes, the quality of your writing is very important. Below are some resources that may help in your writing. Online Resources Online guide to writing: Maytum Center for Student Success;Writing and Speaking Consultants at Allegheny College’s Writing Center Online guide to writing: Available from the University of Maryland